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Regain / Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

Foam Rolling and Core Class: Release myofascial restrictions throughout the body to improve overall performance and give your core the much needed training it needs! Taught by Halle McCormick, Halle is a fitness enthusiast and has completed many triathlons and 10 marathons—including the Boston Marathon in 2011. She is energetic and enthusiastic! She will bring a positive energy to the class and will motivate you through your sessions.

Functional Movement Class: Exercise should not just be about a six pack ab or great butt. It should be focused on helping people move more efficiently, prevent injury, improve their balance and flexibility, and build strength. The focus of functional training is to improve clients’ overall quality of life.  Functional training is for the older population and the young athlete. It helps all people focus on core training and stability, as well as moving more effectively in everyday life, doing everyday tasks. 

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