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Medical Weight Loss Program

This program will help you make comprehensive lifestyle changes to help you lose the weight and improve your health for a lifetime!

Clarity’s lifestyle changes program for weight loss offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program for weight reduction. Clarity’s weight loss program is designed to create lasting lifestyle changes to help you lose the weight, but most importantly keep it off.  Clarity’s specialists understand the challenges and complexity of weight loss.  There are no simple solutions because permanent weight loss is a lifelong effort and requires serious commitment.  With your hard work and our expertise, we will collaborate and achieve your weight loss goals through diet, exercise and stress management.

The program focuses on three main areas:


  • Assess current diet, quality and quantity of foods and personal eating habits
  • Educate and modify diet to help with weight loss and promote health

Stess Management

  • Assess and identify harmful habits, emotional and physical triggers
  • Teach appropriate stress management and behavior modification techniques


  • Evaluate musculoskeletal ailments, disease processes, pain  and cardiovascular limitations
  • Collaborate with personal training staff to develop a prescription to improve fitness level while minimizing risk for injury

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